My Offering To You

A Higher Calibre of Real Estate Service For a Stress-Free Purchase or Sale

Exclusive Discounts Keep More Money in Your Pockets:

Buying a home can be an expensive transaction with many additional related costs. But when you buy or sell with me I can save you a significant amount of money through exclusive service provider discounts and the relationships I have with them. Let me put my network of professionals to work for you and help save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Just how much can I save you? Check them out under the “Exclusive Discounts” tab found under the “About” menu on this site.

Access to My Direct Hotline For Immediate Answers to All of Your Questions:

You get direct access to me, not an assistant or a voicemail, but ME. I am available and accessible when needed. You also get “exclusive” access to my professional network and the people I know. I offer this exclusivity to all my clients and for them be a part of a select group of individuals in which access doesn’t end when the transaction completes. I am always willing to answer your questions. You have an exclusive membership for life.

As a Well-Connected, Born and Raised Calgarian, I Can Help You Avoid Mistakes:

Connected to Calgary and those I know in it. I have lived here my whole life, and within that time I have come to know many people as well as the city very well. If I can’t help my clients directly, I likely know someone who can. Because of this, my clients now have access to them and my professional network along with what services they have to offer them. I wouldn’t recommend anyone who I either haven’t used myself or didn’t trust. They are pre-vetted and backed by my own personal reputation to ensure a high quality and hassle free service offering.

I am Committed and Passionate About Getting You Exactly What You Are Looking For

Committed to my clients, to their expectations, and ultimately to their transaction in seeing it through to success. My clients want someone who will listen, hear their concerns, and assist them in taking that specific “stress” away or alleviate it altogether. When I represent my clients that is my personal and professional commitment to them. Let me take that stress away for you.