12 Good Reasons For Listing (or Staying Listed) During The Holidays

If you’re like most sellers approaching Christmas, many will choose to get off the market or avoid listing during the holiday season. With the increased busyness of the season, visitors in from out of town, and the additional time off with the family many see being on the market and holiday showings as significant inconveniences or intrusions to their holiday time or routines. They will either de-list for a short period of time or hold off listing until the new-year all together. As counter intuitive as this may sound, listing or selling during the holidays can actually work to your advantage. Here is 12 good reasons for staying on the market or listing during this time that you may not have considered:

12. It gives buyers that “extra” sense of what holidays and living there can truly smell, look, and feel like. Use this to your advantage.
11. By selling sooner, you have a better buying opportunity in the spring when typically more houses are on the market and asking less. This can allow you to “sell high & buy low”.
10. You can sell sooner for more money, while delaying the closing or possession until the new-year when things are less hectic.
9. Even if you are listed, you still have the ability to restrict showings during particular periods during the holidays.
8. Employees planning to start new jobs in January need to list sooner if transferring locations and cannot wait until spring to buy. Therefore, you’ll need to be listed if you want to capture any of that market.
7. Some buyers want to purchase before the end of the year for financial or specific tax reasons.
6. Buyers tend to have more time available over the holidays to shop for a home as opposed to during the typical work week.
5. Buyers can be more emotional during the holidays and as a result, may be more likely to pay your asking price.
4. If staged properly, houses tend show much better when decorated for the holidays.
3. With a dramatic increase in the supply of homes in January, this can easily cause less demand for your home. Less demand usually means less money.
2. With less homes on the market serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from, and less competition usually translates into more money for your home.
1. Generally, people who are house hunting during the holidays are more serious buyers. More serious buyers typically equals less showings.

As the holidays is typically a time of year for reflecting on events past and opportunities going forward, don’t dismiss the opportunity to sell during it either. As many will be coming off the market or waiting altogether, you can either follow the crowd and compete with them in the new-year, or get it done sooner and only have to worry about those new-year resolutions. And they would most certainly be easier to tackle if the burden of having to sell your home was already out of the way.

How to Get Your House Sold in the Summer!

The lazy, hazy days of summer are here and I don’t want you to waste a minute wondering what you should do to get your home sold. The summer months can certainly be slower with families enjoying a more relaxing pace and going away for holidays.

Even though it’s slower in the city, our Re/Max First office is hopping as we help our clients implement these top three recommendations and we are not surprised to be seeing the occasional multiple offer and successful sales!

     1. Priced to sell!

The most important aspect to attracting a good offer on your home is the wisdom to list it at the most appealing price. You may have the most attractive home on your street, the best lot in your neighborhood, but if you put a sticker on it at a high price thinking that no one will notice – think again!

Consumers today know the values when they are buying property and even if they aren’t sure, their REALTORS® will pull the most recent comparables to make certain that the offer is sensible. So, use this strategy to your benefit by pricing aggressively and possibly drawing multiple offers to your table.

     2. If the barn needs painting, paint it!

Everything is so drab at this time of year, don’t let your house blend in with the old leaves and parched grass. Try using colorful planters at your front door. For a moderate investment, this can offer a welcome invite to potential buyers. Another quick fix is a freshly painted door! A choice color of yellow, red, or blue can attract excitement and anticipation for what is to come on the inside.

     3. It’s what on the inside that counts!

Don’t let the interior disappoint! Some strategic staging can be a great investment (you may not want to leave after getting your home staged!), especially in the main rooms. If you have the knack for decorating yourself, then consider splurging on fragrant and colorful bouquets of fresh florals to subliminally draw your prospective buyers to fall in love.

A clean, fresh and floral interior will delight your viewers. I am here to help!

~ your key to your next home

Is Your Home ‘Show Ready?’

Photo courtesy of ZOON Media

When it comes to making a first impression, nothing will turn a prospective home buyer off faster than a home that shows poorly. Homes that show visible signs of neglect or a general lack of basic cleanliness and care tell a prospective buyer one thing; with no visible pride of ownership what else am I ‘not seeing’?

One of the first questions that a prospective buyer will ask themselves when viewing a home is “is it worth my time to want to see more?” If the answer is ‘no’, then you have left a lasting impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

When a buyer comes to view your home they not only wish to see a perfect home, but they want to envision THEIR stuff in your home and not have to focus on YOUR stuff in your home. They want to get a sense of what living there looks, smells and feels like. If all they see, smell and feel is a turn off then they will be moving on and forgetting about their experience there just as quickly.

So here’s a few pointers from the guide I put together to help you get to SOLD faster. You can find the full downloadable and printable Open House & Showing Checklists under the resources tab in the sellers guide section of this site:

  1. Pick one area of your home and focus on doing a good job there, one area at a time.
  2. Give yourself enough time for cleaning and de-cluttering tasks. It’s easy to underestimate the time required and you don’t want to rush.
  3. If you don’t have the time, hire a professional. There are many affordable services out there available to you.
  4. Showings can happen at any time throughout the day. So remember to always leave your home in “show ready” condition every time you leave.
  5. Don’t leave it to the last minute to get the house in order. Chances are by that time it’s already too late.
  6. Living show ready 24/7 is just “for now” and not “forever”. It’s short term pain for a long term gain.

Maintaining your home in “show ready” condition will be far easier and less effort than constantly scrambling to get it back in order. It will allow for a much better showing experience for your potential buyer which generally translates into a faster sale, less time on the market and a higher overall perceived home value. And after all, isn’t that what all sellers are ultimately hoping for?